The Chocolate ChipMonk is back in town! And what's that he's got in his paws? A HUGE supply of keto-friendly cookies and chocolate! Why? Because the Chocolate ChipMonk knows that even when we are trying to cut down on sugar and carbs, we still deserve to enjoy the sweet things in life. Thanks Chocolate ChipMonk!

Enter below to win $50 gift cards from both ChocZero & ChipMonk Baking. You'll also immediately receive a 15% off coupon to both &

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The Chocolate ChipMonk's first stop is where he found some of the best keto-friendly chocolate he ever tasted! In fact, ChocZero has so many tasty treats that he can't choose just one.

That's why the winner of the Chocolate ChipMonk Giveaway will receive a $50 gift card for; So you can choose from ChocZero's epic variety of chocolatey treats, including: 

- Keto Chocolate Bark
- Peanut Butter Cups & Bites
- Chocolate Covered Almonds
- Baking Chocolate Chips
Spreads & Syrups 

Next stop is the ChipMonk Bakery, and the Chocolate ChipMonk is feeling a little nervous around all these warm ovens! Fortunately he kept his cool and started to check out ChipMonk's huge variety of keto cookies, snacks, and baking supplies. 

Once again, there were just too many delicious goodies to grab, so the winner of the Chocolate ChipMonk Giveaway will also be receiving a $50 gift card for, so you can try ChipMonks:

- Keto Cookies
- Protein Cookies
- Keto Bites
- Dry Baking Mixes
- AlluMonk Low Carb Sweetener

** All entrants agree to receive marketing emails from ChipMonk Baking and Sweet Kick. Giveaway ends on February 5th, 2022 at 12am MST. The winner will be selected randomly and contacted directly via email to claim their prize. Winner must reside in the continental United States. **