At ChipMonk Baking, we offer private labeling services as a commercial gluten-free cookie manufacturer. Our state-of-the-art private label bakery and co-packing facility in Houston, Texas is ready to bake and distribute your gluten-free cookie products. We can help you meet the growing demands of your business without the need to invest in your own cookie manufacturing. ChipMonk offers support services to maximize your success, including:

- Automated Dough Forming and Packaging Equipment in a dedicated Gluten-Free Facility

- Specialized Cookie Production Runs (1K-10K Units)

- Gluten-Free, Keto-Friendly, and High Protein Ingredients

- Recipe Formulation and Research & Development Support

- Commercialization at Scale

- Ingredients Sourcing & Supply Chain Support

- Digital Marketing Consulting

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Private Labeling

With ChipMonk Baking as your private label brand manager, you can take your business to a new level. We have invested years of research into private label programming. Our research, experience and use of the latest technology in sales and marketing can help ensure your aisle profitability and overall success. Wholesale bakery private labeling allows your company to save time and money. When you need in-store gluten-free cookies from an experienced private label manufacturer, turn to ChipMonk Baking!

How Private Labeling Works

Private label manufacturing companies create a product using their own formulation, then package the product under the customer’s label. At ChipMonk Baking, we use our own gluten-free, high protein, and keto-friendly recipes to create private label bakery products with your label and branding on the packaging.

We can develop a formula exclusively for your company or optimize your current recipe to better fit your needs. We will obtain the ingredients and retain ownership of the recipes and sources. The final product will have your branded packaging. When it comes to private label bakery manufacturers and in-store bakery commercial distributors, ChipMonk Baking is your top choice.

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