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Gluten-Free Private Label & Contract Manufacturing

Discover the perfect blend of indulgence and dietary inclusivity at our gluten-free Houston bakery. We proudly specialize in creating delectable, gluten-free baked goods that cater to a variety of dietary needs. Whether you're seeking top quality private label products or reliable contract manufacturing services, our bakery is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and taste. 

Who We Serve

  • Thousands of customers online, locally, and in retail stores via our branded products (low carb, low sugar, and high protein cookies and cookie bites). We started our brand in 2019 and know what it takes to create a product from scratch and take it to market.
  • Emerging brands seeking a trusted contract manufacturing partner, providing valuable insights on packaging, recipe formulation, ingredient sourcing, food safety, marketing, and distribution. 
  • Companies looking to offer their customers delectable gluten-free baked goods in large quantities without compromising artisanal quality. Whether it’s catering, meal prep, schools, corporate offices, grocery stores, or food service businesses, we’re here to deliver deliciousness.
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Our Capabilities

  • 3,300 square foot dedicated gluten-free bakery located in central Houston, Texas
  • 30+ in-house recipes and ingredient inventory on hand to rapidly launch private label products with your branding
  • Automated equipment allowing for consistent quality, custom packaging, and extended shelf life for production runs ranging from 1,000-10,000+ units.
  • Equipment includes:
    - Flow wrap packaging machine with gas flush and ink coding
    - 80-quart and 20-quart commercial mixers
    - Doyon SRO1G Natural Gas Single Rotating Convection Oven
    - Wire-cut dough forming depositors
    - Walk-in cooler
    - 220V electrical outlets for potential added equipment
  • GMP Food Processing (Good Manufacturing Processes) Certified by 3rd Party with digitized food safety/quality control processes in place.
  • FDA-registered, Texas Food Manufacturer licensed, and HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) plan in place. 
  • Reliable and well-trained production team. Most team members have been with us over 2 years and owners work on-site daily
  • Experienced with developing and working with vegan, dairy free, low carb, low sugar, high protein, and gluten free recipes.
  • Specialize in cookies, muffins, brownies, and bread rolls. We are open to exploring additional products on a case-by-case basis
  • Assistance with ingredient sourcing, packaging, recipe cost analysis, retail strategy, and digital marketing
  • Product formulation consulting (food scientist on retainer)
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Vegan Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins
High Protein Peanut Butter Stuffed Brownies
Gluten Free Chocolate Oatmeal Cowboy Cookie
Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cowboy Oatmeal Cookies

Customer Testimonials

Protein Cookie Company
Bellmore, NY

I have been working with the ChipMonk bakers and CEO for over 6 months now. I must say that I have encountered nothing but great things. Their CEO, David, is a professional. ChipMonk Baking really stands out to me. Their service surpasses some of the top baking co-packers that I have ever dealt with. David and his team helped me work on new products, delivered goods in a proper and timely manner, and have never let me down. David and his partner Jose give off a great friendly vibe that is true and will give you a feeling of family and not just business. If you are considering working with ChipMonk, I promise you it will be the best decision you have ever made.

Airline Catering Company
Houston, TX

We were seeking a local partner to help make gluten free and vegan baked goods for special dietary meals on our international flights. After reaching out to the ChipMonk team, they were able to develop recipes just for us in a short amount of time and today their muffins and bread rolls are served to thousands of happy customers each week.

LoveJoy Gourmet Granola Snacks
Austin, TX

We have been working with ChipMonk for several months now to refine our granola recipe and adjust it for convection oven baking and to optimize the overall manufacturing process.

Our startup is new to co-packing / conract manufacturing, and ChipMonk has been a great partner. We've come a long way with the help of the ChipMonk team and expect to launch our 1st product soon.

ChipMonk's CEO, David, knows the business well and combines high quality and business standards with reasonable tolling cahrges and unit minimums.

Protein Cookie Company
Austin, TX

We have had the pleasure of partnering with Chipmonk throughout our journey, and they have truly proven to be an invaluable asset to our business. From the initial stages of research and development to the actual manufacturing process, ChipMonk has consistently exceeded our expectations.

Their dedication to quality and attention to detail have made a significant difference in our product's overall success. By entrusting our product manufacturing to ChipMonk, we have been able to focus on other aspects of our business without worrying about production logistics. It's been a game-changer, allowing us to streamline our operations and reach new heights.

Working with ChipMonk has made our lives so much easier, and we no longer have to produce cookies in our own kitchen, saving us time and resources. The professionalism and expertise of their team have been a true pleasure to work with.

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturing partner to scale your business, I wholeheartedly recommend ChipMonk. Their proficiency in handling manufacturing needs will undoubtedly propel your business forward. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with them and achieving even greater milestones together