How Are Your Products Sweetened

We use Allulose and Monk Fruit sweetener to give our cookies and cakes a delicious taste, similar to regular table sugar.

What Is Allulose

Allulose is a rare simple sugar that naturally occurs in foods like figs, raisins, and even maple syrup. It only exists in small quantities, but it has a similar taste and appearance to table sugar.

Most importantly, it's not metabolized the same way as simple sugars by the body. It has been shown to have an insignificant effect on blood sugar and insulin levels, and it is only about 1/10th of the calories, at ~.4 calories per gram.

Read more about Allulose here

Does Allulose Count As A Sugar +

The FDA recently announced that Allulose does not have to be labeled as an added sugar or total sugar on any labels for manufactured goods.

Who Can Use Alllulose

Anyone can! With its low glycemic impact and low calories, allulose is great for diabetics and anyone who is cutting out sugar from their diets. It is perfect for those who are doing a low carb or keto diet.

What Is Monk Fruit Sweetener

Monk Fruit Sweetener is a natural, zero calorie sweetener. It is extracted from Monk Fruit, a small fruit, similar to a melon, from Southeast Asia. The sweetener is created by drying the monk fruit juice into a powder and is 100-200 times sweeter than regular sugar. The sweetness from monk fruit comes from an antioxidant called mogroside. Since it has zero calories or carbs, it will not impact blood sugar or insulin levels and is a perfect alternative to sugar.

What Are The Net Carbs

All of our cookies 1-2 grams net carbs depending on the flavor. To calculate net carbs, look at total carbs and subtract fiber and allulose.

How Do I Place An Order

To make an order, simply add our products to your shopping cart and check out online. You can do so here.

Alternatively, you can email us directly at info@chipmonkbaking.com or via our contact page.

Do You Ship Orders

Yes we do! We currently ship anywhere in the United States (including US territories), but we do not ship internationally at this time. We ship with USPS First class and Priority Mail Shipping. In most cases, orders are delivered within 3 business days once shipped. We try to ship out your order as soon as possible though, due to high volume, some orders may be delayed a few days to give us time to bake more of our delicious fresh cookies.

How Much Does Shipping Cost

All of our cookie boxes ship for free! Our dry mixes and sweetener bags do cost $6.00 to ship due to their higher weight, but we offer free shipping on ALL orders over $40.

Where Can I Find Your Products

Right now we sell our products on site at various venues. Find out where ChipMonk products can be found on our Find Us Page

Do You Sell Specialty Items For Events (E.G., Parties, Conferences, Weddings)

We would love to work with you for your next event! Unfortunately, the only product we sell are our cookies. We do not make custom desserts or cakes. Depending on the size of your event, we may be able to offer you our cookies at wholesale prices though. Please message us via our contact form or email us directly at info@chipmonkbaking.com and we can work through the details.

Do You Sell Wholesale

Yes we do. For large wholesale orders, we offer discounted pricing so retailers can resell our products at a profit. If you’re interested in a potential partnership, please message us via our contact form or email us directly at info@chipmonkbaking.com and we’ll reach out with more details.

What Is Your Return Policy

Here at ChipMonk, we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We are confident you will love our products as much as we do! However, if your order doesn’t meet your standards for any reason, please email us at info@chipmonkbaking.com, and we'll be happy to refund you in full or exchange the product.

Where Are Your Treats Made

We bake our desserts in a commercial kitchen space that we sublease from a catering company in Houston, TX. Our kitchen has a Food Permit issued by the City of Houston Health Department, and we operate with a Food Manufacturers License issued by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Why Are ChipMonk's Desserts Pricier Than Regular Desserts

To give our Customers the best low carb products, we have to use unique, high-quality ingredients like almond flour and monk fruit extract. Unfortunately, these ingredients cost 5-10 times more than their unhealthy counterparts: wheat flour and sugar. To cover the higher costs, we have to charge more, but we are constantly seeking ways to more efficiently source our ingredients so we can pass those savings down to you.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Your Desserts

If kept in their packaging, our freshly baked cookies last around 6 weeks at normal room temperature. We recommend you keep your cookies in the fridge to give them an extended shelf life and flavor.

You can also freeze our desserts (we recommend you place them in plastic freezer wrap or heavy-duty freezer bags) which will allow them to maintain best quality for about 6 months.

The best way to tell if a cookie is bad or spoiled is to smell and look at it. Discard it if it has an off smell or appearance or if you see any mold.

Are ChipMonk Products Gluten Free

All of our products use gluten free ingredients like almond flour and coconut flour. If you are highly allergic to gluten, please be aware that we share a kitchen with a company that produces food containing gluten. Though we use our own equipment, our products do share the same space so there is a chance of cross-contamination. We do not recommend our products for anyone whose life may be endangered by even a trace amount of gluten.

Are ChipMonk Products Dairy Free

Most of our desserts contain butter (which is why they taste so darn good!) We do offer an equally delicious vegan chocolate chip option and our peanut butter cookie is also dairy free.

Are ChipMonk Products Nut Free

All our desserts are made with almond flour. We're nut-based!

Why Do Your Products Have High Fat

All our desserts are made with almonds or sunflower seeds as a base. Therefore, our products are naturally rich in fats. The fats found in nuts and seeds are unsaturated and are generally regarded as the better for you fats. They're both nutritious and tasty.