ChipMonk TV: Walkthrough the ChipMonk Bakery with Jose!

Welcome to the ChipMonk Factory!

Come along as Jose gives you a full tour of where all the low-carb, keto magic happens! ChipMonk Baking is a keto-friendly, low-carb baking company dedicated to providing everyone with gluten free, low-carb options that not only are good for you but taste great as well.

To find out more or try some for yourself, visit us at our website or come visit our dedicated gluten free bakery at 3042 Antoine Drive in Houston, Texas.

Indulge Mindfully and put dessert back on the table with the ChipMonks!

Video Transcript

Jose Hernandez (ChipMonk Baking Co-Founder & President)

Hey guys! Welcome to our new bakery. Let’s take a look inside.

So, this is our brand-new bakery. We just opened it up about a week ago. We’re super excited to have it. I personally am a big fan. Let’s take a quick little walkthrough.

We’ve got some of our racks here. This is my newest favorite piece of our entire operation: It’s a walk-in oven. We’ve got all our nice little machinery on this side. Our 80-quart mixer and our smaller 20-quart mixer right here. Doesn’t really quite measure up anymore.

This is our brand-new space. This is what we’re going to make all our ChipMonk Products. Chloe from Bare Bakery is over there. They are sub-leasing our space. Their products are all gluten-free, all delicious.

There’s our sink. Walk-in cooler right here. We keep all our yummy ChipMonk treats and products in there. Never mind the Sweet Baby Ray’s. But yeah. Next time we’ll do a little video of us actually baking here in the kitchen but we wanted to show you where all your stuff is made. Thanks for watching!

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