What pies can you have on a keto diet?

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What pies can you have on a keto diet?

What pies can you have on keto? Unfortunately, not very many if any, unless you make them yourself. So you are going to want to be using ingredients that are either nut or seed based as your base. Almond flour is a really good option, and you're going to want to use a lot of fat - butter or coconut oil. Your sweetener is probably the most important thing. Make sure you pick a keto-friendly sweetener, like erythritol, allulose, monk fruit, stevia, or anything along those lines. And then the toppings, stay away from the fruitier ones, unfortunately. Ones like apple pies might have a little bit too much sugar and take you out of ketosis. Berries might even be pushing it, so stick to the starchier ones like pumpkin, pecan, and sweet potato.


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