Allulose Sweetener: What is it & Why We Love it!

Allulose Low Carb Keto Diabetic Friendly Sweetener

In this week's blog post we are going to talk about Allulose low carb sweetener: What is it & Why We Love it!

What is Allulose?

Allulose is a naturally occurring low calorie sugar with the same sweet taste as normal sugar but only 1/10 the calories! But how can allulose taste like real sugar and be nearly calorie-free? Because it’s a monosaccharide: a simple sugar that is nearly identical to fructose (regular sugar) but is not metabolized by the human body.


Allulose chemical structure diagram 

Because humans don’t metabolize allulose, it has the added benefit of being low glycemic. In fact researchers find that allulose has practically no impact on blood glucose levels, meaning it is not only sweet, but diabetic-friendly, and an excellent sugar substitute. 

Allulose has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe for consumption. According to the FDA, allulose does not need to be listed under total sugars or added sugars (because it is low glycemic). 

Therefore allulose is typically labeled as a carbohydrate, which it technically is. But because it doesn’t get metabolized, allulose behaves like any other low carb sweetener and does not contribute to any net carbs. Much like fiber, it simply passes through. This makes allulose perfect for any low carbohydrate, low sugar, or ketogenic diet. 

Allulose Sweetener keto low carb sugar substitute

Why We Love Allulose: 

ChipMonk was founded by Jose Hernandez, a diabetic baker who has tried nearly every sugar substitute out there, and the truth is that allulose is one of the best options currently available. While we don’t agree that allulose tastes exactly like real sugar (it is actually less sweet) here are some things that sets allulose apart from other sugar alcohols and substitutes: 

  • There’s no weird, metallic aftertaste
  • It browns well under heat and is perfect for baking
  • It dissolves easily, so it's great in your coffee and for making sauces and even low carb cocktails!
  • It’s easy on the digestive tract, unlike many other sweeteners
  • The texture and taste are the closest thing to real sugar we have found so far

That’s a lot of reasons to love allulose! But what if I told you there is an even better low calorie sweetener option out there? Something with all the same benefits of allulose but with a taste almost identical to real sugar?

ChipMonk Founder Jose Hernandez

Introducing AlluMonk

AlluMonk Allulose Monk Fruit Keto Sweetener Sugar Replacement

AlluMonk is a mixture of natural allulose and monk fruit that is nearly identical to sugar! Here at ChipMonk Baking all of our desserts are sweetened with an in-house blend of allulose and monk fruit. Our AlluMonk sweetener acts as a true 1:1 sugar replacement, perfect for baking, sweetening beverages, and so much more!

To learn even more great ways to use AlluMonk, check out 7 ways AlluMonk can make your life a little sweeter. 

For an even more in-depth dive into allulose, monk fruit, and the various scientific studies on both, visit our sweeteners information page


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