Baking Better - How to Make Any Dessert Recipe Better-for-You

ChipMonk was founded by Jose, a diabetic baker who realized you don’t need tons of sugar, carbohydrates, or gluten to make something sweet and delicious. In fact, after a few months of experimenting ChipMonk came up with a whole line of seriously delicious desserts with no gluten, 2-4g net carbs, and less than 1 gram of sugar per serving. But how can something without carbs, sugar and gluten taste as good as a traditional dessert? All it takes is the right ingredients and a little patience. Here are ChipMonks tips for making any dessert recipe better-for-you:


Switch out the Flour


Traditional baking flour is unfortunately packed with excessive carbs. Luckily there are some excellent nut & seed based flour alternatives that are naturally low-carb and surprisingly delicious. For example, our ChipMonk Cookies are baked fresh with Almond Flour, and our Brownie Bites are made with Sunflower Seed Flour (a great flour substitute for anyone with nut allergies by the way). Both of these flours are naturally low-carb, gluten-free, and packed with healthy fats. Although they aren’t perfect 1:1 substitutions for traditional flour, they are pretty close. If in doubt, check out some of our own low-carb recipes to get started.


Ditch the Sugar

One of the best ways to make any recipe healthier is to cut down on the sugar, but who wants to eat a bland, unsweetened dessert? Definitely not us, but it turns out we don’t have to. There are several low-calorie sugar alternatives popping, and a few of them are actually pretty good for baking. Stevia, Erythritol, Allulose & Monk Fruit are all popular low-calorie sugar alternatives, each with their own unique flavor, texture, and digestive properties. For baking, we recommend a blend of Allulose and Monk Fruit (we call it AlluMonk!). It’s just as sweet as sugar, 1/10 the calories, and no weird aftertaste. It also browns exceptionally well, making it perfect for dessert baking.



I’ll be honest: ChipMonk made a lot of less-than-tasty cookies before we dialed in our own Cookie and Brownie Bite recipes. But every bad batch was a learning experience, and we have since have dialed in a consistent recipe and method for creating delicious cookies without all the unhealthy carbs, sugar, and gluten. So even if you’re first Better-for-You recipe isn't the greatest, there’s really nowhere to go but up. We promise, after a few tries you’ll learn what works best for you and be well on your way to creating delicious, healthier desserts.

If you are practicing a ketogenic diet, diabetic, or just looking to cut out excess carbs and sugar, with a few substitutions and a little bit of practice you too can enjoy delicious, home-baked desserts. Of course, if you’d like a little extra guidance ChipMonk has tons of tried-and-true low-carb, keto, & diabetic friendly recipes to help you begin your better-for-you baking journey.


Happy Baking!


-The ChipMonks

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