Beware the Sugar Monster! 6 Scary Facts About Sugar

6 Scary Facts About Sugar

On October 31st monsters, ghosts, puns, & pop culture icons will flood the streets, but there is one creature we must all beware: The Sugar Monster 👿 He creeps into all of that delicious Halloween candy and if we aren’t careful, he might just turn us all into ghosts 👻 Feeling brave? Then read on to learn 6 Scary Facts About Sugar:

1. It Can Literally Kill You

sugar can kill you

That’s right. Too much sugar in one sitting can literally kill you. ACS researchers have found that the lethal dose of sugar is approximately 13.5 grams per pound of body weight. Granted that is a TON of sugar (if you were 120lbs, that would be more than 3 pounds of sugar), but keep in mind, some people’s tolerance is much lower, and even if the sugar monster doesn't kill you...

2. It Wants to Eat Your Brains

sugar causes brain damage

Well not exactly, but excessive sugar consumption can lead to memory deficiencies, poor mood, low energy levels, and may even be linked Alzheimer’s disease. So protect your brains and check those labels! But the sugar monster isn’t just after your brains…

3. It Wants Your Heart Too

sugar causes heart problems

Excess sugar is terrible for your heart! In fact, over the course of a 15 year study, people who consumed ~20% of their calories from sugar had a 38% higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease compared with those who consumed 8% of their calories from sugar. What could be worse?


4. It Rots Your Skin & Teeth

sugar is bad for your skin

We all know excess sugar is bad for our teeth, but it can also rot your skin! Research suggests that foods with a high glycemic index can trigger acne, and that a sustained high sugar diet can lead to accelerated aging, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Yikes! 

5. It Can Control Your Mind

Sugar causes memory problems

Possibly the scariest thing about sugar is that it is incredibly addictive. Sugar gives your brain a feel-good dose of dopamine, but with repeated intake you become less sensitive and need more sugar to produce the same response. The end result? Constant sugar cravings controlling your mind and leading you like a zombie towards the candy aisle. 

6. You Can't Live Without It

You need sugar to live

Our bodies need naturally occurring sugars and carbohydrates in order to function, so unfortunately we all need some sugar, but the sugar monster lies in excess. So always be sure to check your labels and keep in mind that the American Health Association recommends we consume no more than ~30g of added sugar (about 8 tsp or 130 calories) per day. Everyone's needs are different, so when in doubt, consult your doctor and as a general rule avoid unnecessary added sugar, or tonight the Sugar Monster may find its latest victim 😱 



That’s some pretty scary stuff! The good news is not all sweets are packed with sugar. Did you know ChipMonk cookies & bites have <1g of sugar per serving and are still sweet, satisfying, and available in tons of decadent flavors? And if you’re ever looking for a healthier sugar replacement, be sure to check out AlluMonk, our special in-house blend of Allulose and Monk Fruit, two naturally occurring low calorie, low carb sweeteners that blend to make the perfect sugar replacement. Thanks for dropping by the ChipMonk Blog!









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