ChipMonk’s Favorite Keto Breakfast Snacks

It’s early. You’re tired, hungry, and craving something your keto diet just won’t allow. We’ve been there, which is why the ChipMonks went on a hunt to find the best tasting breakfast snacks to help you start the day eating well and feeling good. Let’s see what’s on the Menu!


1. Appleton's Power Veggie Bites

Appleton's Power Veggie Bites

Appleton’s veggie bites are the ultimate breakfast power snack. With only 1 gram of sugar and 7 grams of protein per bite, these egg-based bites are naturally grain-free, dairy-free, and totally keto friendly. Even better, they’re made with cage-free, locally sourced eggs. Yum!

2. Elite Donuts

Of course, some mornings we’re craving something sweet. Maybe something round to dunk in a hot cup of coffee. Maybe we’re actually craving donuts 24/7, but you know how it goes in the keto world. Usually a donut is strictly off limits, but thanks to the amazing bakers over at Elite Sweets, donuts are back on the breakfast menu! 

3. ChipMonk Keto Bites

Breakfast Keto Bites

Speaking of the perfect sweet treat to start your day, ChipMonk makes our very own keto-friendly breakfast snack: Chocolate Espresso & Cinnabun Keto Bites. These soft-baked cookie bites are the perfect pairing with your morning coffee, and because they are naturally low carb and have no added sugar, you’ll be starting your day off with sustainable energy without that awful mid-day crash. And if you’re feeling adventurous, we’ve got 7 other delicious flavors to choose from!

4. Keto Farms Snack Mix

Some mornings you need to be out the door ASAP and what you really need is a grab-n-go snack to help fuel your hectic day. On those days, we recommend the crunchy, sweet, and salty snacks from our friends over at Keto Farms. They make delicious candied nuts and crunchy cheese mixes that are the perfect snack to kick off your busy day!

5. Magic Spoon Cereal

Of course, there is one breakfast food so classic, and so typically packed with sugar and carbs, that unfortunately most of us keto dieters have had to ignore it’s sweet, crunchy call. We’re talking about cereal, and Magic Spoon has finally put cereal back on the keto breakfast menu! Their low carb cereal boxes come in a variety of classic and shockingly delicious flavors.

6. Legendary Foods Tasty Pastries

Tasty Keto Pastry

If you've gone keto you may have already accepted the fact that you can't eat Pop Tarts. Those tasty pastry treats just have way too many carbs and sugar! But thanks to Legendary Foods, even the most decadent breakfast snack is back on the keto menu! Their Tasty Pastries are, in our opinion, even better than Pop Tarts, and without all those unhealthy ingredients. 


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Keto BlueBerry Muffins

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