How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

How to avoid holiday weight gain



It’s fall and there is a tidal wave of calories headed your way. The trick-or-treats of Halloween. The utter decadence of Thanksgiving dinner. The inevitable deluge of holiday-themed cookies, cakes, gatherings, and celebratory meals make it way too easy to pack on a few extra pounds. And while the ChipMonks believe there’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence, we also know there are plenty of ways to eat and enjoy the holiday season without the unwanted weight gain. Let’s dive into the latest addition of ChipMonk’s Tips! Here is how you can avoid packing on extra pounds this holiday season. 


1. Stay Active With Your Family & Friends

How to avoid holiday weight gain exercise

Coming together means plenty of opportunities to have fun, exercise and burn off those extra holiday calories. Encourage a family walk, or a friendly game of football. Whatever your family’s favorite outdoor activities are, by staying active you can burn off all of those extra holiday calories. 


2. Enjoy Your Meals, but Skip The Snacking

How to avoid holiday weight gain snacking


You’ve got some epic meals to look forward too, but if you’re enjoying some time off it can be easy to snack the day away. Snacking is especially dangerous if your house is filled with Christmas cookies or other delicious baked goods. Of course, if you’re looking for a healthier option, you can always grab a ChipMonk! 😉 


3. Practice Mindful Eating

how to avoid holiday weight gain mindful eating


Not only with mindful eating help you avoid weight gain, it will also increase your enjoyment and appreciation for these special occasions. Eat slowly. Enjoy the taste and texture of each bite. And when your body says its full, do your best to listen. You won’t regret it. 


4. Get Plenty of Sleep and Keep Stress to A Minimum

avoid weight gain with rest and relaxation reduce stress


Sleep deprivation is surprisingly common during the holidays. Travel, guests, and plans can make it difficult to get a good nights sleep, even if you are on ‘vacation’. And unfortunately people who are sleep deprived tend to be hungrier and exercise less, the perfect recipe for unwanted weight gain And the same goes for stress! So rest up, exercise, and remember to take the time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the holidays!


5. Bring A Healthy Dish To Share!

ChipMonk Holiday cookies

We know you probably won’t be bringing a tray of ChipMonk Cookies to your family Thanksgiving (although they look pretty good, right?), but you can always bring a healthier option to the dinner table. Then you can share your favorite recipe, and guarantee that you have an option that aligns with your health goals. 


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