Recent Updates to Our Products and Pricing

Hello ChipMonks! You may have noticed some changes to our website recently, but they were made for good reason. We wanted to take some time to go over the changes with you and explain our reasoning behind the moves.

Update #1 - Our Whoopie Pies Are No Longer Available For Sale Online

Since ChipMonk started operations, our Customers have loved our whoopie pie products. They are arguably some of the best in terms of flavor, and our carrot cake whoopie pie is truly unique. Unfortunately, baking them is very time-consuming, making them more costly to produce. For our Customers, that meant paying a higher price for whoopie pies than for cookies. In addition to the higher cost of production, our whoopie pies contain cream cheese and butter icing, which limits their shelf life and requires refrigeration.

For both of these reasons, we will no longer be offering whoopie pies on our website. We believe this will allow us to offer you our products at their best quality and a better price. We may still offer our whoopies from time to time at in-person events, and, longer-term, we may re-introduce them as we find new ways to make them efficiently. We’ll keep you posted!

Update #2 - Lower Prices And New “Variety Box” Sizes

With the removal of whoopie pies from our product line up, we are now able to much more efficiently product our cookies for you! This means we can make more cookies at a lower cost which we have decided to pass on to you via lower prices. Additionally, we’ll now sell our product in three different sizes of variety boxes. As you buy a larger size box, the price of each cookie will get even lower for you! Best of all, we’re also now offering free shipping on any orders over $60. Here’s a summary of our new boxes:

  • Mini Monk Box - 4 cookie packs (8 cookies total) at $14.99. Per cookie price = $1.87
  • Monk Box - 8 cookie packs (16 cookies total) at $26.99. Per cookie price = $1.69
  • Mega Monk Box - 12 cookie packs (24 cookies total) at $39.99. Per cookie price = $1.67

Previously our cookie packs were $4.00 each (so $2.00 per cookie) and our whoopie pie packs were $5.00 each (so $2.50 per whoopie pie), so in every size of our new “Monk Box” we are offering Customers better prices! One of our goals here at ChipMonk is to make our healthier desserts affordable to everyone, so as we continue to grow and become more efficient in our production you can expect us to convert those cost savings into lower prices for you!

Update #3 - Pre-Made Keto Cookie Dry Mixes

Another initiative we recently launched to help make our products more affordable is to offer pre-made dry mixes for sale. For just $15, our Customers can buy a bag of the mix that can make more than 20 of our cookies. That comes out to less than $1 per cookie. All you have to do is add wet ingredients to the dry mix and, voila, you’ll have your very own ChipMonk cookies! You can even tell your family and friends that it’s your secret keto cookie recipe, we'll cover for you. They’ll be blown away that your cookies can taste so good but have no sugar :)

We’re currently offering the dry mixes for four of our flavors but will look to expand our lineup over time:

Update # 4 - Free Sample Pack


You can now order a single cookie pack from our website for FREE to sample, all we ask is that you chip in a bit for shipping. We understand that the price point for our low carb desserts is higher than what you're used to seeing for our sugar latent counterparts. That's why we've decided to offer free packs of cookies to anyone curious enough to try an almond flour-based dessert. We're confident that the flavor of our allulose and monk fruit sweetener will leave you questioning our low carb and no added sugar claims, that's the whole point! We want you to indulge in sweets without any of the guilt, try us out now or send a pack to a family or friends you believe may benefit from a low carb, keto cookie. They pack a flavor punch.

Be sure to use the check out code: SAMPLE to get your pack for free.

Looking Ahead


Here at ChipMonk, our mission is to empower our Customers through mindful nutrition. As a startup, that means we’ll constantly be iterating and testing new products and processes to offer the best low-carb, no sugar treats to you. We truly thank you for your support along this journey. We will always be transparent and communicate openly with you along the way.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, or feedback for us, please let us know by filling out our contact form or sending an email to Thank you!


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