BOUNCE Program

This week, we wanted to take some time to talk about one of the amazing programs that exist in our Houston community that is tackling malnutrition, obesity and health. The program seeks to improve lives through better nutrition, and we couldn't be more on board.


BOUNCE (Behavior Opportunities Uniting Nutrition, Counseling & Exercise) is a community outreach and research initiative at the University of Houston College of Education dedicated to reducing obesity-related diseases among underserved communities in Houston. They empower Hispanic and African American youth and families to adopt healthy lifestyles by making nutritious food choices, engaging in daily exercise, and fostering a positive body image.



Since 2005, BOUNCE has helped more than 10,000 families in Houston and has involved over 20 elementary and middle schools. What started as a one week program for girls has since expanded to a 4-week program that grew to include parents, siblings, boys, and two after school programs (Fun with Food Nutrition Education Program and Lace-Up and Move).



The BOUNCE summer program is a comprehensive approach to tackling the obesity epidemic that disproportionately affects minorities. Each day the participants take part in three physical activity sessions, one nutrition education session, and one counseling session. Parents, siblings, and other relatives participate in a two-hour weekly session designed to help them support the children’s nutrition, exercise regimen, and self-esteem.



BOUNCE makes exercise fun. It makes it easy for participants to get lost in the activity, as there is no better way to exercise than to have fun with friends. The participants also receive hands-on education regarding healthier food choices and nutrition awareness. They learn about the positive and negative effects of food items and how to make the best food choices. There are even cooking demonstrations that focus on creating healthy meals and snacks. BOUNCE also hosts grocery store tours for parents to promote awareness and healthy food choices that they can then pass down onto their children.



Team ChipMonk couldn't be happier to support this altruistic and thoughtfully designed program. We wholeheartedly believe that the positive intervention and education of the BOUNCE program will help to shape these young participants into healthier, happier, and more confident individuals. To further support the children, we've decided to donate our cookies to be used as snacks for the program’s participants to show them that eating healthy doesn't mean giving up everything you like to eat. It means being conscious of the ingredients you use and substituting out less healthy options for better ones. Our team will even be doing a baking demonstration this summer to show the participants how to use better ingredients to re-create and bake their favorite desserts.



If you want to learn more about BOUNCE and their summer and after-school programs, visit their website. Alternatively, if you want to be involved or make a donation, be sure to contact them.

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