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ChipMonk Baking started out of necessity. As a diabetic with a sweet tooth, I needed to have desserts that could satisfy my sweet tooth and keep my health intact. The problem was that most readily available options compromised on either taste or on health. That wasn't going to work for me so I set out to make my own desserts that were both good tasting and good for me.


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"Four years ago I was diagnosed with type II diabetes and had to give up sweets and all the things that I love. I co-founded ChipMonk Baking to bring dessert back into my life and back into the lives of others that can't enjoy. 

Hi! I'm Jose, co-founder of ChipMonk Baking, and this is our story:

In 2016 I was diagnosed with type II diabetes and I couldn't believe it. I am young, fit, not overweight. But what I did do alot of, I ate a lot of sugar and carbohydrates. So I did something drastic. I changed my diet immediately. I cut out all carbohydrates and I went onto a low carb, high fat diet. In two and a half months my doctor couldn't believe it. I had reversed diabetes. I had lowered my blood sugar well beyond regular levels.

Unfortunately that meant giving up everything that I loved to eat. Carbs, breads cookies, cakes, sweets, and in the beginning it wasn't very hard, but over time it got to be more and more difficult. In 2019 January specifically, I was in HEB shopping around and I stumbled upon the baking aisle, and I said to myself "there's got to be a way for me to enjoy baking again." I know what I can't have and what I should have in its place so I started replacing the ingredients in traditional desserts with better-for-you options like nut & seed flours, & sugar alternatives like Monk fruit and allulose.

I got to baking right away. Unfortunately a lot of the things didn't turn out to be great, but my roommate David actually really enjoyed the cookies and said "can you make any other flavors?" So we got to playing around. We tried making chocolate chip, peanut butter, and all these other different flavors and they tasted pretty good. So we started giving out samples to friends and family, co-workers, and before you know it, turns out we were onto something.

If I had struggles so hard to find dessert that was both good and good for me, then others had to be dealing with the same issue, so we founded ChipMonk Baking in 2019 as a way to help people eat better, live well and indulge mindfully.

And that's why are products are made with better-for-you ingredients, ingredients that aren't only good for diabetics, but people with gluten intolerances, people looking to cut sugar our of their lives, people doing low carb and keto diets. It actually turned out to be an accident.

We didn't intend to appeal to so many people. Our priority was to help people with diabetes, but we grew to be so much more beyond that. So what started off as a way for me to enjoy dessert again grew into a passion to share that dessert with others. We hope you'll join us on our mission to help others eat well, live better, and indulge mindfully"

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