ChipMonk TV: Why We're Called ChipMonk

ChipMonk Baking founder and check Jose Hernandez talks about the origins of the company name

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"People ask us all the time "Why are you called ChipMonk?" Well there's actually a pretty good reason. ChipMonks are actually these very energetic, lively creatures, and they eat nuts and seeds. Most of our products are based in nut flours and seed flours, and at the same time the ChipMonk is spelled with an O because we use a combination of allulose and Monk fruit. 

Diving deeper, monks represent this very wholistic way of life. They are very conscious about the way they live their day, especially what they put into their bodies, and that's what we try to represent as a brand. We want you to be very aware of what you're putting into your body, and we want it to be good for you too"

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