ChipMonk's Picks! The Best Healthy Snacks for 2021

ChipMonk's Best Healthy Snacks for 2021


It’s a new year, which means it’s time for another round of ChipMonk’s Picks! We’ve tasted a lot of treats over the last 12 months from small, independent businesses with the same mission as ChipMonk: to make delicious, guilt-free food options that help us all live well and indulge mindfully. If you’re looking for the best healthy snacks to improve your diet and satisfy your cravings, then look no further! Here are the best healthy snacks for 2021, including special discount codes for each brand to help you save big on your first order. Let’s dive in!


1. Crave Natural Oatmeal

Crave Naturals Healthy Oatmeal Discount Code

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Crave Natural helps health-conscious professionals meet their health and wellness needs by combining modern nutritional science with Asian-inspired recipes. Crave Natural offers gluten-free oatmeals in four flavors and functions that support energy, relaxation, skin health, and alertness. Their mission is to create delicious, functional food to support everyone's daily wellness routines.

2. Three Sisters Artisanal Meats

three sisters meats discount code

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Three Sisters makes traditional Spanish-style dry cured chorizo, using only 100% sustainably raised pork shoulder and seven ingredients, with no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors and zero sugar.  Their chorizo is a clean-label, USDA approved product, handmade in Richmond, California, using the highest-quality craftsmanship to make a uniquely delicious and versatile product that can be used in any meal and incorporated into a variety of dishes.


 3. Appletons Market Power Veggie Bites

Appletons Market Discount Code

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Delicious, filling, and around 100 calories, Power Veggie Bites prove you can eat more fiber and veggies AND have it taste good. These frozen bites are full of healthy greens, hearty quinoa, and a ton of flavor to turn a snack into a mini meal in less than a minute. Flavors include Thai Sriracha, Sun Dried Tomato Basil, and Mexican Enchilada


4. Kind Root Adaptogems

Kind root adaptogems discount code

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Ready for a mini reset? Introducing adaptogems™: plants + aromatherapy in a smooth little lozenge! Adaptogens are special class of plants and mushrooms that help your body balance while adapting to and resisting negative effects of stress. These smooth little lozenges blend adaptogens and other actives with delicious aromatic flavors. Flavors include: FOCUS for balanced brains (mango orange white tea), DEFEND for immune support (orange vanilla), GLOW for skin health (peach blossom), SNOOZE for sweet dreams (lavender vanilla), and MOOD for even-keeled feels (lychee rosewater)


5. B.T.R. Bars

BTR Bars discount code

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BTR Bars are plant-powered, keto-approved, paleo-friendly, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and non-gmo! Their Cinnamon Cookie Dough ENERGY Bar is packed with cordyceps mushroom, maca, and cinnamon - superfoods & adaptogens to help boost energy naturally. The Dark Chocolate Brownie RECHARGE Bar contains lion's mane, MCT oil, and cocoa powder - functional ingredients to help boost brain power. And last but not least, their Cherry Chocolate Chip ZEN Bar has reishi mushroom, tart cherries, and pumpkin seed protein to help promote relaxation!


6. ChipMonk Keto Bites

ChipMonk Keto Bites

Save 15% on your first order with special code MONK15

We are proud to include our own cookies in ChipMonk’s favorite healthy snacks, because our Keto Bites are made from nut and seed flours, and sweetened with monk fruit. That means they are naturally low carb, sugar and gluten free, and mindfully delicious! Available in decadent flavors like red velvet, chocolate espresso, and cinnamon, ChipMonk Keto Bites are the perfect grab-n-go keto snack. 


Thanks for checking out ChipMonk Baking’s favorite healthy snacks for 2021. If you’d like to hear the latest recipes, deals, & news from ChipMonk be sure to subscribe to our newsletter. And if you’re practicing a low carb or ketogenic diet, be sure to check out 7 Surprisingly Low Carb Foods to Keep Your Keto Journey Healthy & Easy:

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