ChipMonk TV: Why We Love Sunflower Seeds

ChipMonk dives into sunflower seeds, the perfect alternative for healthy fats in low carb and keto diets for anyone who has a nut allergy. What are they? How nutritious are they? Why should you eat more of them? Find out why we love to use sunflower seed flour as the base for an entire line of brownie bite products.

Why We Love Sunflower Seeds (transcript)

"Hey, this is Jose with ChipMonk Baking. Today we're gonna talk about sunflower seeds and why we love them. Why they're better than a lot of nuts:

Sunflower seeds are actually the fruit of the sunflower plant. Each sunflower head can make up to 2000 seeds at a time! Which is really important because it requires a lot less water to grow one sunflower seed than it does to grow one nut, like an almond or a walnut, so it's a lot more environmentally friendly, which we really care about. 

At the same time sunflower seeds are more cost affordable. So they make a great snack. Their nutritional value is actually great as well. A quarter cup of sunflower seeds which is 160 calories, and most of those calories are coming from unsaturated fats. The healthy fats. These fats are gonna help lower your cholesterol, protect your heart, and they are much harder to come by. They also have a lot of fiber, and they're low in carbs, plus they have plenty of protein as well. 

The coolest thing about sunflower seeds is they are allergy free, so if you have a nut allergy you can actually have sunflowers in their stead, get all the nutrients, all the fiber that you would normally get from nuts but in sunflowers. 

We actually developed a line of sunflower seed products because of that. A lot of our customers on the low carb, keto, sugar free diets have nut allergies so we developed a line of sunflower seed brownie bites that are quite delicious actually that have all the nutritional value of nuts but none of the allergens because it's sunflower.

If you want to buy some sunflower seed flower, you can order online through Amazon, but I recommend you make it yourself. If you want to see us make sunflower seed flour, leave us a note below. We are happy to make a video for you. 

So again, to summarize. Sunflower seeds are

  • more water efficient, so they are more environmentally friendly

  • they are dense in nutrients and minerals, making them very healthy

  • they're high in unsaturated fats

  • and most importantly they are allergen free

Thanks a lot for watching guys!"

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  • I’d like to know how to make sunflower flour please and thank you

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