Let The Cookie Choose You - Your ChipMonk Cookie Flavor Guide

ChipMonk Cookies are your gateway to a healthier, more mindful indulgence. But in order to pass through, we must all make a choice. Which cookie will carry you to the shores of low-carb, gluten-free decadence? With 6 delicious flavors to choose from, let’s find out. Clear your mind, activate your tastebuds, and let thine cookie be your guide:


Is it The Chocolate ChipMonk?

Could it be? Is the classic chocolate chip your cookie destiny? The Chocolate ChipMonk calls out to the timeless sage of good taste. If you feel the pull it’s because you recognize & respect the ancient ways, and you understand the spiritual importance of a healthy daily dose of chocolate.


Or perhaps The White Chocolate Macadamia?


Baked golden brown, soft, chewy & delicious, the White Chocolate Macadamia finds those who crave variety in texture and excellence in flavor. Silky smooth white chocolate chips and crunchy macadamia nuts are the treasures contained within this cookie delight, but will you feast upon them?


Or is it Peanut Butter?


If strength and energy is what you seek, then Peanut Butter awaits. Packed with 7g of protein and only 4 net carbs, this cookie is the perfect companion for any adventurer in need of a boost. With it’s rich peanut buttery flavor and delicious, moist texture, the Peanut Butter Cookie is always an excellent choice.


Maybe The Cinnamon SnickerDoodle?

Ah! A trickster I see! If the SnickerDoodle is calling your name you might be a playful spirit with a spicy attitude. This decadent delight has the texture of a perfect sugar cookie and a spicy sweet flavor carefully crafted over thousands of years of SnickerDoodle manifestation. Can you feel its cinnamony pull?


But what about Coconut?


Let’s face it. If the coconut cookie is your dessertful destiny, you already know it. The Coconut is for those with no doubt what delicious flavor will satisfy their sugary craving: the succulent shavings of a tender, sweet coconut. If this beautiful, soft, cakey dessert has been waiting for you, you must go to her.


Or is it The Lemon Lemonk

Welcome to the shores of flavor salvation. The LeMonk is a lemony delight whose summery sweet flavor is beyond compare. The subtle crunch of poppyseeds and a citrusy lemon zest will calm your mind and satisfy your soul. If the Lemon LeMonk is calling out your name, answer her and find flavorful salvation you seek.


Or perhaps all the flavors are calling out to you? Fortunately The ChipMonks have provided total flavor satisfaction in the form of our Variety Cookie Box. Just remember, which ever flavor chooses you, all ChipMonk Cookies have 2-4 net carbs and only 1 gram of sugar. Now go forth and choose your cookie destiny.

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