How the world's greatest protein cookie was born:

My name is Jose Hernandez, ChipMonk Co-Founder and Head Baker. For the last 3 years we have dedicated ourselves to creating the best tasting low carb, keto friendly, sugar free desserts. 

Recently we teamed up with our friends over at MyFitFoods with a simple goal: to make the best tasting Protein Cookie ever! But instead of using excess sugar and other junk ingredients, we wanted a Protein Cookie that tastes great, has excellent macros, and is made from real, mindful ingredients

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Introducing ChipMonk Protein Cookies

Our protein cookies are made from all-natural ingredients that maximize both taste AND health. 11g protein and only 3g sugar and 6g net carbs per 49g cookie (that's a big cookie!) 

Flavors Includes:
• Chocolate Chip Pecan Protein Cookies
• White Chocolate Macadamia Protein Cookies

We know you're going to love them, so try them risk-free with our 100% money-back guarantee!

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"Honestly, they taste and feel and look like homemade cookies. These aren't products. These are true cookies!" - Insulin Nation

"White Chocolate Macadamia is 🔥 🔥 🔥 All of these flavors are home runs!" - Keto Connect

"It took me back to childhood memories of my first PB cookie. You ChipMonk guys are wizards!" - Serious Keto

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Our Ingredients

All the ingredients in our desserts were mindfully selected to maximize both health and taste.

We use a unique blend of monk fruit and allulose, two all-natural, zero carb sweeteners that don’t affect blood sugar or insulin, to mimic the sweetness of sugar. They’re considered safe for people with diabetes and other metabolic conditions.

Wholesome fats from nutrient-rich sunflower seed or almond flour make up the base of our desserts. To bind all of our ingredients together, we use psyllium husk and konjac root for their rich fiber content. Fiber also helps lower blood glucose and cholesterol levels. 

Combined, these ingredients make our desserts the most mindfully satisfying option for people who want to eat less processed carbs, sugar, or gluten. They're perfect for keto, low carb, and gluten-free dieters or anyone who likes sweets! 

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