4 Mouthwatering Gift Ideas for People Living With Diabetes

Party time usually means cake, cookies, and other tasty treats, but if you’re living with diabetes that dessert tray might have you feeling a little left out. Enter ChipMonk! We believe everyone deserves to have their cake, so we set out to create a wholesome menu of delicious, diabetic friendly desserts and baking products. If you want to surprise your diabetic friend or loved one with something sweet, check out these 4 delicious gift ideas from ChipMonk Baking:


The Monk Box

Monk Box Diabetic Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? Well, if you’re diabetic the relationship might be a little more love-hate, but no longer! Our cookies are sweetened with a carefully crafted blend of Allulose and Monk Fruit that won’t spike your blood sugar. In fact, every cookie we bake has less than 1 gram of sugar. Our Monk Box is the perfect gift for any cookie lover and comes in 6 delicious flavors: Chocolate ChipMonk, White Chocolate Macadamia, Peanut Butter, Lemon PoppySeed, Coconut, and Cinnamon SnickerDoodle.


Brownie Bites

One of the latest additions to the ChipMonk Menu is our Sunflower Keto Brownie Bites. Just like our cookies, these brownie bites are sweetened with AlluMonk and diabetic friendly. They also happen to be nut-free and loaded with healthy fiber and protein. With flavors like Chocolate Espresso, Red Velvet Cake, Banana Chocolate Chip, and White Chocolate Cinnabun, these soft, beautifully textured brownie bites are the perfect gift for dessert lovers everywhere.


 ChipMonk Dry Mixes

Cookie dry mixes diabetic keto

They say the best gifts are experiences. Well, if you’re shopping for the creative, hands-on type then our Dry Mixes might be the perfect gift. Each bag makes over 20 medium-sized perfectly balanced cookies. Flavors include Chocolate ChipMonk, Cinnamon SnickerDoodle, Lemon Poppy Seed, and Chocolate Espresso. Help your friend or loved one unleash their inner baker with this delicious, nutritious gift.



AlluWhat? All of our desserts are sweetened with a diabetic-friendly, zero-calorie sweetener we call AlluMonk. AlluMonk is a careful blend of all-natural allulose and monk fruit that acts as a perfect 1:1 sugar replacement without any weird aftertaste like other artificial sweeteners. It’s perfect for coffee, baking, and so much more. It’s also the perfect gift for anyone living with diabetes. Send your friend or loved one a bag of AlluMonk so they too can live the sweet life without spiking that blood sugar.


We know it can be hard to find that perfect gift, but if you’re shopping for a diabetic dessert lover or anyone looking to cut out unhealthy sugar, ChipMonk Baking has just what you need: freshly baked, delicious, all-natural desserts and products that prove you don’t need sugar to celebrate.

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-The ChipMonks

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