Potential Cons of Keto

Thanks for dropping by the ChipMonk Baking blog! This week we are talking about some of the cons to starting a keto diet, so let’s get started!


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Potential Cons of Keto

So there are some potential cons to doing the keto diet. It's very difficult to continue eating this way because carbs are so prevalent in our diets. There could be immediate side effects like the keto flu, you'll feel lethargic, and tired, and you may even get a fever that first week when you first cut out carbohydrates. It’s just a symptom of our bodies being so used to eating carbs and sugar, you’re basically addicted to it. 

Keto is also not super great on your kidneys long-term. You’ll definitely want to try it out and maybe phase out certain foods and then go back to a more regular diet. I do a low-carb diet so it's sort of like keto. Other cons are that some people just can't do it. It's not good for your health so be sure to talk to your doctor before trying anything like this especially if you're pregnant or you have any sort of serious medical condition. Oddly enough though, keto is usually great for curing weird diseases like seizures, cancer, diabetes, and weight loss.

*** We are not a healthcare professional so please consult your doctor before making any major lifestyle changes ***

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