The Sociopath of foods!

Sugar acts sweet but its really poison. We can all agree giving into that sugar cookie jar or slice of pecan pie feels so good.. until the weight gain, fatigue and regret follows. How sugar contributes to weight gain and how reducing added sugar can improve your health and abilities! You can cure the cravings and temptations without cutting out all the fun. Lets learn how to make a 180 lifestyle change and not a 360 by making small simple changes and not extreme jumps. 


low carb sugar free diets

How reducing added sugar can improve health:

Weight loss is one benefit from cutting sugar that many people know of. Its all a precious cycle. Cutting sugar stabilizes and improves your energy levels, mood, helps prevent joint and muscle pain, improved will power and sleep. Which all in turn effects the pace at which you lose weight and most importantly, makes it easier to maintain the healthy weight you want to reach. Many other benefits such as clearer skin and less anxiety come from cutting out refined sugar.

Just like Santa, This time of year can be tough when trying to focus on weight loss strategies while sugar is being put right under your nose with all the Christmas feasting. Cutting sugar out can be difficult due to the psychology part of it, it is social when it comes to get togethers like Christmas parties and the ease of fast foods.

Keto Santa season

Once you make that mental shift of cutting out sugar being "hard" it becomes second nature and something to show off and share. In turn eliminating many temptations. Another benefit of cutting out unhealthy sugars and carbs is saving money! A common misconception is that eating healthy is too expensive. Meal prepping is one way to make sure after a long days work you don't get sucked into going for convenience over a wholesome homemade meal. In turn eating better as you become conscious of how much of what goes into your body by seeing it be made. Saving Money too, as for 2 meals of eating out you could get double the days food if its home made. 


Eliminating obvious sources of sugar and Making simple changes that impact your daily routine at home is a great first step into setting and achieving maintainable goals. A good place to start is switching the sugar in your home to a natural sweetener(not artificial sweeteners!) such as the AlluMonk sweetener

Keto natural sweetener


Another psychological way to combat the cravings is out "of sight out of mind", taking any Unhealthy snacks out of your home and replace them with better options such as dates, nuts, fruits. Still giving your body the fats and sugars it needs, without all the additives. Our keto Bites and cookies are another way to curb those cravings with all the taste and none of the sugars on the go!

Keto low carb sugar free cookies


Surrounding yourself with more people who live the kind of lifestyle you want to achieve or better is a great way to eliminate many temptations too, this can also involve cutting down on social media platforms that are the opposite of the goals you want to achieve and instead follow more social media accounts such as our blog  that motivate and show you any recipe or craving can be cured without it being difficult or time consuming. 


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