Build-a-Bite Bundle


1 Net Carb. 80-85 Calories. 7-8 Grams of Fat. 4 Unique Flavors.

Our soft and chewy bites are made from sunflower seed flour, are nut-free & gluten-free, and are perfect for anyone on a keto, low carb, or low sugar diet. Eat wholesome fats in favor of processed carbs.

Cookie Bite Flavors (each pouch = 8 bites):

  • Red Velvet Brownie
  • Banana Chocolate Chip
  • Chocolate Espresso
  • Cinnamon Roll CinnaBun

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Made From Nuts and Seeds And Sweetened With Allulose And Monk Fruit.
1g Or Less Of Sugar And Just 1-4g Net Carbs Per Cookie.


Being a huge foodie, I was really skeptical about these treats because I am addicted to sugary and carb-filled sweets. Let me tell you - ChipMonk Baking is a GAME CHANGER! These cookies are satisfying, the perfect amount of chew and my body feels SOO good after eating them. My favorites so far are the Banana Chocolate Chip sunflower bites and the Chocolate ChipMonk cookies! I recommend these guilt-free treats to everyone


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The best flavor

This one is by far the best flavor if you are like me missing bananas on Keto. There’s also something I really like about the texture of these. It’s best right out of the fridge and with only 1 carb each I’m full after only 2 because it’s nice and rich. I found out about these from Ketoconnect YouTube great people who give honest opinions and so glad I did because now I’m hooked! Also, the makers and sellers of these are top notch because there was a shipping error and they responded and fixed it really fast and kindly. Thanks!

Courtney C

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